Weight reduction

Many of us keep dreaming of losing weight as well as of various diets which bring rather frustration instead leading to the desired dress size.
Only the combination of training and right nutrition can lead you to your perfect body and thwart the yo-yo effect once and for all. A nutrition ideally matched to your personal training objective is a way towards your personal success. But don’t forget: If you want to burn fat, it is important to combine strength- and endurance training.
Besides, you should consume enough proteins to improve connective tissue.

Expert tip:
Targeted metabolism cures can help you reduce depot fats (belly, bottom, thigh).

Example for nutrition and supplement plan

Breakfast (07:00 a.m.)
3 slices of rice cake with cottage cheese, tomatoes and basil

Snack (10:00 a.m.)
1 Delicate Fitpack

Lunch (01:00 p.m.)
1 wrap filled with salad and chicken-stripes

Snack (04:00 p.m.)
1 Figure Shake

Training (05:00 p.m.)
Before the training: 2 Fat Burn V10 capsules and 1 L-Carnitin ampoule
After the training: 1 Premium Pro Protein

Dinner (08:00 p.m.)
150 g tuna (in water) and 1 plate mixed salad