Together with sport, eating and drinking are two most essential factors for your health and well-being into old age. If you combine workout with healthy nutrition, you will benefit not only from calorie burning. In this way, you also minimise the risk of obesity and osteoporosis as well as reduce your blood pressure. Besides, workout is just the best way to feel better and to have more energy in everyday life!
Your nutrition should be rich in essential nutrients. Proteins, healthy fats, vital vitamins and minerals are especially important. Musculature formed in the result of regular training, shapes your body and gives you a feeling of stability. Regular endurance training strengthens your cardiovascular system and stimulates your metabolism.

Think about it: Your age is how you feel! Your lifestyle significantly defines your biological age.

Example for nutrition and supplement plan

Breakfast (07:00 a.m.)
Wholegrain roll with cottage cheese, salmon, tomatoes and basil
Fruit salad with vanilla protein souce
1 Vitamin B Komplex capsule
1 Gelenk Support capsule

Snack (09:00 a.m.)
1 Delicate Fitpack

Training (10:00 a.m.)
Before the training: Premium Pro Protein
After the training: 1 Magnesium ampoule

Lunch (01:00 p.m.)
Argula salad with parma ham and tomatoes
Asparagus with chicken breast and potatoes
1 Gelenk Support capsule

Snack (03:00 p.m.)
1 apple
1 handful of nuts

Dinner (06:00 p.m.)
Chili con Carna with vegetables
1 Gelenk Support capsule

Expert tip:
To cover the daily demand for liquids the Low Carb Vital Drink is just perfect. It also provides vitamins and L-carnitine.