The right nutrition

You should regularly take meals throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism on the go and supplies your body with essential nutrients every 3 - 4 hours. Ideally, 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and 2 snacks are recommended per day. You should include protein into each of the meals. Your body needs proteins to build muscles, hormones, tendons and cells of the immune system. Carbohydrates are quick energy suppliers. It is better to eat carbohydrates in the morning. Please keep in mind that whole grain products are healthier. They contain fibres which saturate you longer and, if consumed with food containing proteins, ensure a stable level of glucose in blood. Throughout the day you should reduce the proportion of carbohydrates and increase the amount of proteins. In doing so, you will get rid of hunger pangs once and for all. You should rationalise the use of fats since they have a high energy value. Especially saturated fats and the so-called trans fats must be reduced to a minimum. Instead, choose simple and multiply unsaturated fatty acids. They positively influence blood fat values.
Don’t forget to include fruits and vegetables into your daily nutrition. They provide vital vitamins, mineral nutrients, fibres as well as secondary plant substances and hardly contain any calories. Here, the motto is: the more colourful, the better!

Expert tip:
The feeling of satiety comes first after 20 minutes; therefore, you should eat more slowly and chew your food well. This benefits your overall digestion as well as improves metabolism of nutrients.