our Team

Our team consists of young, motivated employees, who enjoy doing sports in their free time themselves. Therefore, we know from our own experience that nutrition-conscious people and athletes place high demands on their nutrition.


In order to guarantee an individual customer service adapted to your personal needs, the sales take place at specialist shops, such as for example leading sports specialists. The excellent quality of our products could convince numerous pharmacies to incorporate our supplements into their permanent portfolio of products. In addition, our products can be found at the counters of much more than 1000 different fitness studios in Germany.

Our brands could become established easily even on the international market. In cooperation with trading partners and federal state representatives, our customers can access our range of products in more than 50 countries of the entire world.


Our internal marketing department develops the product design, creates the advertising materials and coordinates the entire planning of activities. Our goal is to create new and creative activities for satisfied customers and to further increase our degree of popularity.


Our product management consists of nutritionists and nutritional advisers. They develop new formulations in cooperation with sports scientists and top athletes. Furthermore, existing formulations are constantly revised and the product quality is monitored. In search of new raw materials and trends in the fitness sector, our product management is always keeping up-to-date.