During pregnancy, a body needs additional nutrients for the development of the unborn. This is reflected not only in the main nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats but also in the increased demand for vitamins and minerals. Increased demand for energy of a pregnant woman amounts to 255 kcal. Starting from the 4th month, the protein demand increases by 20 %. Protein is the most important nutrient for all human cells. In order to cover the increased demand, expectant mothers should consume a sufficient amount of albuminous products such as fish, low fat meat, junket, etc.
Protein shakes are one more way to supply the body with more proteins. Their advantage is that high quality proteins do not contain any fats, cholesterol and purine. Besides, they are delicious drinks and can be daily used in the kitchen in different ways. As a rule, pregnant women do not have any special demand for fats. What is important is to choose healthy and high quality fats. For example, Omega-3 fatty acids (contained in sea fish) play an extremely important role in the formation and development of the child’s brain. The supplements form Best Body Nutrition are a cost-effective and at the same time practical alternative.