Milk sugar or lactose intolerance

Milk sugar (lactose) is - as the name already suggests - the sugar from milk. To ensure the absorption of sugar or carbohydrates by the body, they should be decomposed into individual elements by means of enzymes. Intolerance of milk sugar (lactose intolerance) is caused by the missing or reduced impact of the enzyme lactase. Lactose cannot be decomposed without lactase and thus arrives at the large intestine where it is decomposed by the bacteria. The cleavage products cause such symptom as crampy stomach ache, flatulence and diarrhoea. The treatment is to avoid lactose, i.e. milk and possible milk products. However, you should also be careful with many other products. There are products with contain lactose in the form of filler or substrate. Frequently, people can tolerate small amounts of lactose or products poor in lactose. Good alternatives are soya products and special lactose-free products.