Fitness and endurance

Would you like to improve your stabilising musculature, increase endurance or strengthen your cardiovascular system? Then, fitness and endurance workout is just the right thing for you! It is a perfect combination with your daily work life and keeps your body and mind healthy.
As a result of regular training, your body will become more resistant and will be able to regenerate faster after physical activity. Besides, it relieves stress and thus improves your general well-being. A balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle together with regular training are essential factors for you to stay healthy. This combination creates a perfect balance between body and mind.

Example for nutrition and supplement plan

Breakfast (07:00 a.m.)
1 wholegrain roll with low-fat quark, salad, bell pepper and 1 boiled egg
1 Multi 5000 capsule

Snack (08:30 a.m.)
1 Delicate Fitpack
1 handful of nuts

Training (10:00 a.m.)
Before the training: 1 Premium Pro Protein with 5 ml MCT Oil
During the training: 1 Kick Speed Drink
After the Training: 1 Protein Shake

Lunch (01:00 p.m.)
150 g fish with 2 small potatoes and a mixed salad
1 Multi 5000 capsule

Snack (04:00 p.m.)
1 apple
1 Magnesium ampoule

Dinner (07:00 p.m.)
Scrambled eggs (4 egg-white, 1 yolk) with ham and vegetables as desired
1 Zinc capsule
1 Multi 5000 capsule

Night sleep (09:00 p.m.)
5 g L-glutamine powder