Which Exercises are suited best?

The exercises you should do are completely dependent on your training condition and your training plan. In general it can be said that exercises with free dumbbells are to be preferred to those on machines. The advantage of free exercises is that more muscles are used than during the exercises on machines. The reason for this is that the movements of the machines are often guided, as these are designed to train only specific muscle groups. Therefore, exercises on machines are suited as an addition to the training or for isolation exercises.

In contrast to this, the muscles are demanded more during the training with free weights. During these exercises the muscles have to concentrate additionally on keeping the balance, stabilising the torso and much more. As a result, a more effective training is made possible, which is why free exercises are also called basic exercises. The different muscle groups of chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps and triceps are trained with the basic exercises. Ranked among the exercises are: bench press, transversal bench press, dumbbell press, dips, bent barbell rowing, dumbbell rowing, pull-ups, deadlift, knee bends, leg press, front press with barbell, barbell curls and triceps press with SZ-curls.

The compilation of your training plan should include one or two basic exercises for each muscle group in order to achieve the maximum success. Beside the basic exercises, your plan should also include some exercises which you perform on the machine. This way specific muscle groups can be processed in an even more targeted manner. For strength development you should mainly work with basic exercises and see the exercises on the machine merely as an addition.

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