Often too little attention is paid to drinking, even though a healthy human body consists of 50 - 60 % of water. Since our body cannot accumulate too much water, it should be daily provided with the amount of fluid lost during the day; it equals approximately 2.5 litres. In addition, you should consume 1 litre more during each hour of sport. You also need more water at high external temperatures. Remember that sufficient fluid intake increases a sense of personal well-being and efficiency.
Generally, you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, since they supply your body with unnecessary calories and stimulate your appetite.
If water and tee do not cover your required daily amount of fluid, you can try a flavoured energy-free fitness drink.

Expert tip:
Drink a glass of water before eating. This saturates additionally and stimulates your metabolism. Besides, it is helpful to always prepare the necessary daily amount of water.