Prevention of doping - the passion for clean sport unites us

Every competitive athlete has to rely on safe products! The Olympiastützpunkt (Olympic Training Centre) Stuttgart has been relying on our products since 2010. We agitate for the prevention of doping in the area of sports nutrition and food supplements together with this training centre as well as our partners like Robert Förstemann. Even if doping is not directly relevant for the recreational and competitive athlete with regard to possible sanctions, the topic is interesting for these athletes nevertheless. Because who would want to subconsciously take in substances which are governed by the German Medicines Law?

Robert Förstemann

Robert Förstemann

Already at the age of 15 Robert started with competitive cycling in his then hometown Gera. There, his talent was recognised and encouraged early.

Since 2005 Robert has been part of the German track bicycle national team. True to his motto “Success comes to those who are different”, Robert fought himself to the top of the track cyclists and holds track records in 7 countries worldwide. In the year 2010 he became world champion in team sprint. The biggest highlight of his career so far has been the Olympic Games in London in 2012. There, the federal policeman won the bronze medal in team sprint.

Robert rightly carries the nickname “Mr. thigh” with a thigh extension of 74 cm each. It is not surprising, that knee bends are among his favourite exercises. A genetic defect is probably responsible for these extreme thighs. The enzyme inhibiting the muscle growth is not working properly.

Together with Best Body Nutrition, Robert agitates for the prevention of doping in competitive sports: “For me it is especially important that my sports nutrition products are tested. With a normal nutrition alone I would not be able to cover my daily requirements and I cannot take the liberty of a doping offence. I am grateful that, with Best Body Nutrition, I have a partner by my side, who agitates for the prevention of doping.”


Track record: Berliner Velodrom, Colorado, Valencia, Glasgow, Cottbus, Tula, Oberhausen, Wien, Apeldoorn, Dudenhofen und Öschelbronn

German record over 200 m distance (flying start) [9,652 sec.]

World record at open flat track in Cottbus [9,790 sec.]

World record team sprint track cycling world cup 2013/2014 [41,871 sec.]


Cooperation with the OSP Stuttgart

Since 2010, the Olympic Training Center Stuttgart is familiar with the products from Best Body Nutrition.
Together we make ourselves strong for the prevention of doping in sports nutrition and supplements.