Cindy Roleder

Best performance:

  • 100 m hurdles: 12.59s
  • 60 m hurdles: 7.84s
  • 7 fight: 6055 points


  • 2018 1st place German Championships over 60 m hurdles
  • 2017 European Indoor Champion over 60 m hurdles
  • 2016 European champion over 100 m hurdles
  • 2016 Olympic Games 5th place
  • 2015 Vice World Champion over 100 m hurdles
  • 2015 4th place European Indoor Championships 60 m hurdles
  • 2014 Bronze European Championships 100 m hurdles
  • 2014 place 6 indoor world championships 60 m hurdles
  • 2012 participation Olympic Games 100 m hurdles
  • 2011 Bronze U23 European Championships 100m hurdles
Name: Cindy Roleder
Birthday: 21.08.1989
Birthplace: Chemnitz
Size: 1,79 m
Occupation: Athlete / federal police force
Sport: Athletics
Training since: with 8 years
What was your motivation to start with this sport? I was a kid, which had to work out properly. First I did gymnastics, but at some point I was too big for that. Then I have made football and athletics in parallel. At some point I had to decide and stayed with the athletics.
Training philosophy: Get a little better every day. Strengthen your weaknesses and build your strengths even more.
Hobbies: Orchids breed and hobby gardeners, yoga
Objectives: Olympic medal
Favourite food: Everything that works fast
Favourite exercise: Sling trainer
Top supplements: Amino 5000 Liquid