“Avoiding eating will lead to fat reduction!”

Even today humans have the genetic information from the Stone Age. Our body perceives each food shortage, whether strict diets or fasting cures, as a danger which can threaten our life. In this way, each new diet facilitates a body reaction (programmed in the Stone Age) to deposit fats and even more – to preserve them. Thus, strictly speaking, avoiding eating will lead to fat increase instead of fat reduction, which is called yo-yo effect. The best way to reduce fat remains the combination of sport and a balanced, healthy nutrition. In this way, the body spends more energy as it consumes with food. Only then the body fat is used for energy production. During this phase, it is especially important to supply your body with the essential nutrients such as high quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats so that it has the opportunity to burn the undesired fat pads.